Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watche Reviews

Citizen is the biggest watch manufacturing company in the world and also is well known for producing high-quality watches at prices which the majority of individuals could pay for. It is particularly known for its men’s wrist watches, and the Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch (Our top picks of best watches Under 600) is a wonderful instance associated with the company’s items.Filled with characteristics, this inexpensive watch comes in light and portable titanium and is supported by the Citizen name which often has appear to be a symbol of improvements in technological innovation as well as eco-consciousness. Please take a look at this Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch Reviews,I think you will get a good knowledge of the “Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch”,and make your own decision.

Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch Reviews (Under $600)

Citizen Men's JY0000-53E Watche ReviewsFirstly,We’ll take a look at the bacis features of this Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E “Skyhawk A-T” Eco-Drive Watch.

  • Main Technology: Light-powered Eco-Drive Japanese Quartz
  • Case and brand material:Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • World time (43 cities)

Highlishts on this Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch


The crucial technical development was in fact the creation of a light driven watch. Citizen developed this particular technological  advancement very well in front of some other watch producers as early as 1976, which in turn resulted in the start of the remarkably recommended Eco-Drive in 1995. Using electrical energy transformed from almost any source of light, this remarkable advancement developed eternally the way in which wrist watches could possibly be driven. Eco-Drive removed the necessity to actually replace electric batteries, making it particularly good for places that this kind of specialized electric batteries were not accessible.

World time (43 cities)

The most significant and costly characteristic of the watch is that it retains excellent time.It permanently keeps within just one second of real time because it includes a radio receiver which immediately resets it to the precise time every single day in the USA through a broadcast from the USA automatic time clock. Europe and Japan get comparable broadcasts from their atomic timepieces and the watch can obtain from these broadcasts if you are in these places. It can provide world time (43 cities),which makes a big convinience for us to know exactly what the time every country could be.

Things You should Consider Before Buying This Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E

Reasons to buy

  • Main Technology: Light-powered Eco-Drive Japanese Quartz. Both dependable and up for the following venture, this Citizen “Skyhawk” wristwatch provides the very best in aviationwatch technique.
  • Case and brand material: Stainless steel.By using its smooth stainless-steel design,dark-colored as well as orange decorations, it delivers a nice-looking design and style at the same time.
  • Water resistance: 200 meters,which well suited for recreational scuba diving.
  • World time (43 cities)

Things to consider

Given the extra cost for the atomic time reception characteristic,it would be useless to get this unique timepiece away from those places that will get atomic time clock broadcasts and other Skyhawk wrist watches could be a better option.

Suggested For & Price Analysis

Suggested for

It is suitble for people who want a watch that did everything and needed simply no servicing. Absolutely no electric battery changes are thus necessary because the solar power face is far more than enough to maintain the inner power packs charged innormal use.So it is suggested for people who is interested in the watch,which is eco-drived and provides world time accurately.

Price analysis

With so many good characteristics,such as low charge warning,perpetual calendar,incandescent light,99-minute countdown timer, rotating slide rule bezel, world time (43 cities), and atomic timekeeping,we can make a conclusion that the watch is cost-effective.At the same time,the high accuracy and world time make this Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Watch a good choice for us.On the whole,it is worth your 600 dollars!

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