Are You Tired of Paying High Electric Bills?

You are a lucky person if you reside in South Australia. That is because you can save a whopping amount of money on electricity. By taking advantage of solar power, you can greatly reduce the costs of electricity in your home and enjoy a more sustainable way of life. People should not depend on the grid to power their homes. By taking advantage of solar power, they can function better in their homes and realise lower energy costs.

Make Some Money from a Solar System

If you have not already heard of it, you can take advantage of solar battery storage in SA through the area’s Home Solar Panel Battery Scheme. By taking advantage of this programme, you will receive a battery subsidy that can be rather substantial.

Reduce the Expense of Adding Solar Panels and a Battery

This government initiative permits you to install solar panels on your home and a storage battery, both at a reduced expense. In fact, the Home Battery Scheme is worth $100 million and is designed to promote an environmentally sound environment by offering direct subsidies or low-interest financing to homeowners. Homeowners, through the scheme, choose from various financing alternatives so they can install new solar panels and innovative storage solutions through a clean-energy market leader in the solar panel industry.

What You Will Receive

If you are wondering what you can receive in a subsidy, you only need to review the following:

  • $600 for each kilowatt (kWh) hour for SA Energy concession holders
  • $500 per KWh for other SA households
  • $6000 for each installed battery

Do Not Procrastinate; Act Now!

You should take advantage of the battery subsidy now as the amount will go lower with the progression of time. To take advantage of this amazing offer, you need to contact and hire a qualified system provider that can install the battery and that is well recognised in the field. Only qualified providers can take part in the programme. Therefore, you are assured that the job will be done right.

Determining the Benefit

For the battery storage and solar system to qualify for a subsidy, it must be considered dependable, safe, and able to provide energy to a virtual-type power plant. Once you find the provider, you can be assured that you can receive the subsidy to which you are entitled.

How to Claim Your Money

To claim your subsidy, go online and go to a company that is working with the government programme. Insert your information and details at the company’s site. This will begin the process and ensure that you receive the compensation you need. You will need to include your postal code and other contact details to obtain a quote and reserve your spot for the scheme. Again, it is easy to go online so it should be done now and not later. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to claim a higher amount.

Enjoy a Better Life

You can enjoy a better life by choosing solar. Go online now and carefully review your options.